The world’s first Biometric & Advance Passenger Information validation platform for airlines and governments

Biometrically-enabled, frictionless air travel requires 100% accurate passenger data

The Sensitive / PII passenger data driving decision making cannot be exposed or shared in any way

Government security requirements and the growth of electronic travel authorisations

Zamna’s proprietary software ensures that data accuracy and integrity can be validated, while the underlying data is secured, cannot be read, and is not stored.

Our technology also ensures that:

  • Governments get advance data they can rely on

  • Airlines conform with accurate data requirements

  • Less friction throughout a passenger’s travel experience


Zamna is a Strategic Partner to IATA in the Passenger Facilitation and Aviation Security groups, helping lead the industry development for One ID.

Built by developers for developers, specifically for the airline industry

Zamna’s product is world’s first successful implementation of blockchain technology at the cross section of aviation and secure government.

Together with our clients, we are proud to be leading the transformation in the industry and delivering IATA’s One ID.


London based Zamna was born out of academic research by Oxford University graduates and experts in cryptography.

The founding team have decades of experience in aviation and secure government, with expertise in blockchain and airline technologies. Zamna works with multiple airlines, including British Airways and parent company IAG, and has been awarded a strategic partnership with IATA as winners of inaugural innovation award.

Always seeking talent

Join us as we transform the industry together