Blockchain and GDPR

Zamna was selected by IBM Security to be featured in the ‘Blockchain and GDPR’ whitepaper, assessing vendors and software providers readiness to GDPR and highlighting best approaches and industry leaders.  Zamna was selected as an identity-as-a-service which not only designed GDPR compliant products, but also helped their clients comply with GDPR by providing innovative software with privacy-by-design to empower better security, and safer processes for enterprise clients who act as custodians of sensitive PII data.

As part of becoming a supplier to IAG, one of the world’s largest airline group sin the world, Zamna also underwent 6 months penetration testing (twice in two years). This was commissioned and paid for by IAG – a comprehensive process, where a team of crypto PhD assessors extensively tested the robustness, readiness, and risk-resilience of Zamna’s technology. Their conclusions led to a successful commercial deal between IAG and Zamna.

Further independent tests confirmed that the innovative approaches and combination of best practices make Zamna’s software an unattractive target for would-be attackers. The coveted hacker prize of open sensitive data stored in one place does not exist on Zamna’s platform – where data is only ever present in (significantly) obfuscated form, while applying decentralised principles means that the obfuscated data is also distributed rather than centralised. By some estimations from these independent tests, it would take 1-10 million years to breach just one data record on the Zamna platform.