Airlines are under increasing pressure from governments to provide accurate data on passengers – both to the government of the country of origin, as well as to the country of destination. The fines from governments for providing incorrect APIS data are increasing, and more authorities than ever expect good quality APIS.

“Zamna’s technology enables IATA members to fulfil their obligation to provide governments with consistently accurate passenger data for immigration and security threat assessment purposes. This is mission critical for governments who continue to work towards meeting their ICAO Annex 9 obligations.”
Matthew Vaughan, IATA Director of security

The growth of ETAs – Electronic Transit Authorities (such as visas) will require airlines to establish that each passenger they carry has the required status to land at their destination. Without accurate passenger APIS, and accurate ETAs – which are checked against the APIS, such status can only be established through manual checks at the airport. These checks create operational challenges for the airlines, who bear the cost of staff and airport real estate needed to performed these checks in the last 2 hours before the flight – they cannot be completed in advance.

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