Appointment of Raoul Cooper, VP Product

Zamna is excited to be welcoming Raoul Cooper to team Zamna. this week as VP Product.

Zamna is excited to be welcoming Raoul Cooper to team Zamna. this week as VP Product.

Raoul said, “I am delighted to announce that this week I have taken the next step forward in my professional career and joined Zamna in a senior role as VP Product. After working closely alongside Zamna on the client-side at British Airways for a number of years, the lure of truly effective cutting edge technology, forward visionary thinking, and driven individuals was too appealing - a true opportunity to make a tangible impact on the future of aviation and travel identity.

Zamna is a company on the move, growing fast, actively hiring and making big waves within the travel industry. They are bringing to life a post-GDPR data revolution built around Identity. Verified, persistent and assured Identity. Enabling the travel ecosystem to put the passenger first, and in control of their verified and trustworthy data. Zamna ensures that the provably good data flows throughout the travel journey and helps clients unlock new revenue streams, tap into lucrative upsell opportunities, and streamline their operations. All while improving security and enhancing data privacy compliance.

The Zamna team is THE team I want to work with: operating from a foundation that seeks excellence in all it does, that builds and exhibits trust, and focuses on meaningful work that brings tangible value that will last.”

Irra Khi, CEO, commented, “Having worked together since 2017, I have always admired his innovative thinking and dedication to create a genuine change in the industry.

We have great product development news to come soon - and, given his 20 years at British Airways, and his recent Directorship at the Biometrics Institute, Raoul is perfectly placed to supercharge our identity innovation within the wider travel market, beyond aviation - watch this space!”

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