Zamna is one of the world’s first truly commercialised non-fintech non-tokenised blockchain models in commercial operation at scale.

We take the best practice principles of Distributed Ledger Technology, while acknowledging that hashing in and of itself is not secure enough to deliver the levels of data integrity which our platform requires. We have earned multiple patents for our innovative approach.  

Given the innovative nature of our deeply technical approaches, we invest orders of magnitude more time and resources into complex R&D processes.  The technology we are developing utilises modern cryptographical approaches and Distributed Ledger Technology to securely connect individual data and verifications. These are currently siloed between airlines and local governments, and cannot interact without exposing the underlying sensitive data sets. Zamna allows functional cross-referencing between siloed data sets while securing them against exposure. In the aviation use case, this reduces the need to physically check passenger data in airports, helping deliver a more seamless travel experience with less delays and queues.

At the same time, our technology provides governments with a secure, trusted and privacy-centric way to identify passengers arriving at their borders, while helping ensure in advance of flying that each passenger has the right status to travel – and will not pose a threat to the countries they are intending to visit.

Our patents cover innovative applications of Distributed Ledger Technology, improvements to the hashing process (which in and of itself was not secure enough for our platform), and systems designed to improve on the best practices and approaches in cryptography and distributed ledger practices in order to build the first ever commercially scaleable blockchain solution for aviation and secure government.