This is the identity Era. 
Stop innovating and start executing.

Zamna’s vision is a future in which organisations in any industry can create customer-centric commercial and operational ecosystems powered by trusted identity data.

Our Identity Rails deliver next-generation secure infrastructure for organisations and individuals to verify, manage, control and share accurate identity data. Put customers in control, but preserve the commercial objective of the organisation. Create never achieved before secure connections, but preserve privacy.

This is where the magic happens.

Our current mission is to enable trusted identity data to flow freely, and securely through the travel ecosystem and beyond. Zamna puts accurate, trusted identity data at the heart of decision-making, and in the hands of the traveller in real time, without compromising the strategic and commercial objectives of the organisation. We are removing the disconnect between Airlines, OTAs, Car Hires, Hotels, and other travel organisations, putting the traveller themselves in the centre whilst protecting and extending your commercial opportunities. Our Identity Rails are the foundational step to creating a truly seamless travel experience for travellers.

Cut data security risk.
Increase customer insights.
Assure compliance.
Guarantee privacy and security.
Connect the dots and enable better decisions without losing your commercial edge.

Zamna’s current mission is to enable trusted identity data to flow freely, and securely through the travel ecosystem and beyond, led by our 6 core principles:

Data Privacy

we never control, store or open data

Data Security

we minimise the attack surface


we harness the power of the network


we enable consistent identity-centric processes


we prove accuracy and trust in your identity data


we drive and protect commercial value in your identity data



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