Zamna joins Good Health Pass Collaborative as Working Group member

Zamna will offer guidance around the blueprint for interoperable digital health credentials to help restore global travel

Zamna has joined the Good Health Pass Collaborative (GHPC), powered by ID2020 as a Working Group member. We are accompanied by an illustrious set of policymakers, civil society organisations, government representatives, in addition to industry leaders in the fields of health, technology and travel, with the goal of restoring international travel while safeguarding equity, privacy and other civil liberties.

As part of the coveted Working Group, Zamna will lend its leading expertise in the areas of Credential Formats, Signatures, and Exchange Protocols, Identity Binding and Rules Engines providing guidance around the blueprint for interoperable digital health credentials to help restore global travel and restart the global economy. Zamna is in good company, with other members including Mastercard, Salesforce, Zamna-partner IBM as well as other travel leaders like Amadeus and SITA.

"As the world emerges from the pandemic, the necessity for cross-border harmonisation spanning the global travel ecosystem is abundantly clear. With each country adapting its own health-related travel protocols and policies, we are seeing different health documents, in different formats, written in different languages. What is needed is an open, inclusive and most crucially, interoperable framework that provides the technical guidelines necessary to unlock travel at scale. Verified health-bound identity data will be a critical piece to making this framework viable. We are delighted to have joined the GHPC Working Group and look forward to providing our leading frontline insights in order to help develop a framework that will enable kickstarting travel again, both safely and at scale", said Irra Ariella Khi, Zamna co-founder and CEO.

“We cannot risk fragmentation. If digital health passes are to be valuable to users, they need to be accepted at check-in, upon arrival by border control agencies, and more. This is achievable – even with multiple systems – as long as solutions adhere to open standards. We are delighted to welcome Zamna to the Good Health Pass Collaborative and look forward to working with them to ensure that digital health is privacy protecting, user-controlled, equitable, interoperable and, ultimately, universally accepted for international travel.” — Dakota Gruener, ID2020 executive director.

This partnership with the GHPC comprises part of Zamna’s ongoing and unwavering commitment to building a state-of-the-art suite of digital identity products - with privacy-preserving, secure-by-design tech at its core - that can be both adopted and incorporated seamlessly into a new global ecosystem that places verified digital identity at its core.

Watch this space for more news on Zamna strategic partnerships that will fundamentally change how people travel.

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