Zamna have a long-standing strategic relationship with the International Airlines Group (IAG), the parent company of British Airways. 

The global roll-out of Zamna’s validation platform as IAG’s cross-carrier transformation project demonstrates the maturity of this first ever enterprise blockchain solution for passenger facilitation. Together with IAG, Zamna are leading the transformation of passenger data and aviation security in the industry, delivering the first known implementation of IATA’s One ID. 

“Zamna are working with IAG on a group digital transformation project involving British Airways and the other IAG carriers. It is very exciting”
Dupsy Abiola, Global Innovation Officer of the International Airlines Group

IAG are one of the world’s largest airline group, and parent company of Aer Lingus, British Airways, Iberia, Level and Vueling airlines. 

Pictured: Zamna CEO at IAG HQ near London’s Heathrow Airport