Passengers are – currently – largely sheltered from inaccuracies in APIS data affecting their travel – they simply experience queues in the airport process to check and (if need be) rectify it. It is the airlines that carry the risk, and pay any fines for incorrect data provided by passengers.

However, with increasing ETAs (visas) and the need to establish passenger status and their entitlement to travel in advance of them boarding their flight, in the near future there will be more and more complexity (beyond queues) passed on to the passengers themselves. Unless passengers input correct APIs – which can then be matched against a valid ETA – they will risk being refused travel at the last minute, with all the inconvenience and cost which that entails.

Without accurate data, passengers will also not be able to participate in biometric processes  – which are increasingly being rolled out in the aviation industry to improve passenger facilitation, and ensure that the future of air travel is seamless – without your passport leaving your pocket.

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