Named by IBM Security as a GDPR compliant identity-as-a-service, Zamna is powered by triple-patented proprietary technology.

Zamna is currently being deployed by major airlines in collaboration with local border authorities, in order to improve security while delivering a seamless passenger experience.

Together with our clients, Zamna help lead digital transformation while enabling business change to be achieved without the need for any new processes – nor any new infrastructure needing to be introduced. Zamna’s software works in the background, streamlining processes for processing passengers. The uniqueness of our approach means that we are increasing operation efficiency for airlines, while simultaneously lowering airline costs and immigration-related fines, while improving current data-driven collaboration with governments.

Zamna is being built with scale in mind to handle a throughput that covers the entire Global Airline Industry. Our team has years of experience in dealing with enterprise level data volumes. Given the sensitive and personal nature of such biographic and biometric data, as well as how siloed and protected such data is for both governments and airlines, we help solve a true conflict in verifying such data efficiently and effectively, while bridging current data silos in a GDPR-compliant manner.