Zamna and Regula Forensics announce strategic partnership

A partnership to integrate Regula's secure-document verification as part of Zamna’s leading digital identity infrastructure

Zamna and Regula Forensics have just announced a strategic partnership that will see Regula’s industry-leading secure digital document verification technology form an integral part of Zamna’s next-generation digital identity infrastructure.

Zamna will utilise Regula’s identity document-reading technology as part of the core ID enrolment process for its breakthrough digital identity products tailored for the travel industry including:

  • Verified Passport and Verified Health: Zamna’s persistent verification services which allow passport data and health data to be anonymised and securely revalidated in future instances by others in the Zamna network.
  • Zamna TravelPass, powered by their proprietary self-sovereign technology, Altitude: this enables travel providers to offer their travellers in-app identity wallets for the secure management and control of their digital identity data.

Zamna CEO and co-founder, Irra Ariella Khi said of the partnership: “Regula’s expertise in the field of document verification and authentication combined with its position as a market leader are vital to helping Zamna further enhance its multi-patented, cryptographically based digital identity architecture that is already deployed at scale in the travel sector. It will play a pivotal role in both helping prevent identity document fraud and delivering a frictionless traveller experience.”

Arif Mamedov, President of Regula Forensics Inc said: “At Regula we aim to create identity verification products of the future, and so we’re very excited and humbled to partner with Zamna, a company that is fundamentally changing the way in which people travel - using verified digital identity as the foundation for that. Zamna provides truly cutting-edge digital identity infrastructure, while we help them to follow the highest standards of ID verification and data security. It is this very stack of solutions that is driving the travel industry forward.”

Watch this space for more news on Zamna strategic partnerships helping to redefine the travel ecosystem.

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